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Here are a few of the links that are available for 911SC owners:

Porsche 911 Web Links:

http://www.rennlist.com    The Rennlist site has everything about Porscheís including forums and email lists for enthusiasts

http://www.excellence-mag.com  Excellence magazine is the best Porsche-only publication going today.

http://www.adrianstreather.com/writings.htm  Adrianís book on 911SCís is the most information on SCís in one place.  It is available at Amazon.com and many other book retailers.

http://www.pelicanparts.com  Pelican Parts is Wayne Dempseyís business and has much information on it as well as many parts for Porsches.

http://www.vertexauto.com  Vertex Auto carries many parts for 911ís at reasonable prices.

http://www.partsheaven.com  Parts Heaven is a great source of used and new parts for 911ís.

http://www.dcautomotive.com  DC Auto is another great source of used Porsche parts

http://www.pca.org  The Porsche Club of America home site.

http://www.adelgigs.com/911SC.shtml  Simonís 911SC web site with much information and a registry.   Be sure to check it out!

http://www.cannell.co.uk/Manuals.htm  A site that has many Porsche Factory Workshop manuals in PDF format for downloading!

http://www.pytlik.com/escape/porsche.html  A site dedicated to the SC Weissach Edition.

http://www.hairydoggrrrage.com  Well known Porsche repair shop in Oxford, CT.

http://www.musantemotorsports.com  Another noteworthy Porsche repair shop in South Windsor, CT.

http://www.caraudioinnovations.com  High-end stereo shop for 911ís and other exotics.  Do it yourself home stereo sound in your car!

http://www.northerntool.com  Great tool outlet on the net that has everything.

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