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The PCA 911SC Register:
Owner:  Don Bryant         

518 Bushnell Drive

Virginia Beach, VA 23451

PCA Member #:  2003070183; Region:  First Settlers


year:  1980   style:  coupe   mileage:  118,000    colors:  Heliosblau/Black    acquired: May 2003   chassis#:  91A0142296


Top-end rebuild, rebuilt trans. with ZF LSD added, and reconditioned CIS system required by blown air box.  Recaro Speed seats, DasSport roll bar, 5-pt. harnesses, AIM laptimer, turbo tie-rods, 23 mm front 31 mm rear hollow torsion bars, custom re-valved Bilsteins all around, solid bushings, 22 mm adjustable sway bars front and rear, Weltmeister adjustable spring plates, rebuilt calipers all around, Hawk Blue pads, headers (no heat or AC), Monty 2-in/2-out muffler, Toyo RA-1s for the track.  Mostly track duty with occasional fun runs and drives to PCA breakfasts and the like.

Next: Remove sunroof, weld-in roll cage, clean up interior with RS carpets and door panels.



Owner:  Brian Mayer        

0331 Austrian Pine Ave N

Brooklyn Park, MN  55443

PCA Member #:  2007061876; Region:  Nord Stern


year:1982   style:targa   mileage:72,000   colors:Black/Brown   acquired:6/2007   chassis#: WP0EA0919CS160935

The car is a 1982 911SC Targa.  The car was owned for five years, stored for two of those.  My father purchased the car and kept it for 20 years.  After my father passed away, I purchased the car from my mother in 2007.  The vehicle is all original except for a stainless dual exhaust.  I drive the car when the snow is gone.  Proud member of Nord Stern.


Owner:  Eric Karban        

13325 Duesenberg Drive

Frisco, Texas 75034

PCA Member #:  2001010754  ; Region:  Maverick


year:  1981    style:  coupe    mileage:  5235    colors:  Black/black   acquired: Oct, 1989  chassis#:  WP0AA0910BS120224

It is basically a Garage Queen. I have owned it since 1989 and only put approximately 1200 miles on the car since I purchased it. It was always my intent to drive it occasionally on fair weather days and possibly put it in some shows and even some concours events if I thought it would compete well. It is much slower, and far less sophisticated than the later and brand new models, but it is still a real blast to drive. Those older models had a certain character to them that the new ones just don't have. It does need a few things done to it to bring it up to flawless museum standards though. It is equipped as follows: leather interior, power windows, power dual & heated outside mirrors, cruise control, power sunroof, factory alarm, factory AM/FM stereo/cassette/clock radio, power antenna, air conditioning, headlight washers, factory 16" Fuchs wheels, rear window defroster, 5 spd., 3.0 engine. Actually for the right price, I might consider selling it. Don't really know if it fits my life right now. I still get excited about it though when I spend a little time with it.
Owner:  Don Bierce        

1623 Via Tulipan

San Clemente, CA 92673

PCA Member #:  1989111682   ; Region:  Orange Coast


year: 1983     style:  coupe   mileage: 322,555    color: Guards Red  acquired: Sept 1994  chassis#:  WPOAAO914DS122416

When I first got the SC it was used for daily driving and sometimes a autocross on the weekend. I retired 6 years ago and have done some work to restore everything from the ground up and at this point I'm down to doing the paint and interior which should get done soon. I like the SC because it's fun to drive and here is lots of parts to keep it going. I have done a lot of driver training events with all the new Porsches and still think the SC is one of the best all around cars you can drive.
Owner:Woody Woodhull        

1814 Eucalyptus Avenue

Hutchinson Island, FL 34949

PCA Member #:  2006020921  ; Region:  Gold Coast


yr: 1981  style: coupe  mileage: 66,000  colors: Lt. Blue Metallic/Lthr  acquired: 1/ 06  chassis#:WPOAA091XBS120330

Sunroof…Fuchs…Factory spoiler
Owner:  Mark Norrell        

PO Box 468351

Atlanta, GA 31146-8351

PCA Member #: 2000053388   ; Region: Peachstate


year: 1979  style:  srf coupe  mileage: 140,000     colors: black/black   acquired: 9/03    chassis#:

Koni red adjustable shocks; ATE front power disc rotors; ;Johnson, USA cooling duct kit.
Stainless/teflon brake lines; brake bias; camber truss/shock tower brace
Weltmeister adjustable sway bars, front and rear; Weltmeister bump steer kit
Torsion bars, 23mm front, 29mm rear; Turbo tie rods; Konig adjustable sport seats w/five point harnesses
Weltmeister harness bar; Momo Corse steering wheel; SSI exchangers w/Dansk dual-in, single-out muffler
BBS wheels, 16x7 front, 16x8 rear
The car is driven mostly at DE's and Autocrosses, but I also drive on the street some.
The Car is a blast to drive, handles like a slot car!
Owner:  Arnold Light       

55 North Broadway #3-9

White Plains, NY  10601

PCA Member #: 2004101399   ; Region:  Metro NY


year: 1983  style:  cab    mileage:  46,385    colors: white/burgundy lthr    acquired: July 04  chassis#:  9119201389

Euro car in incredible condition. All original equipment, low miles, drives like a dream, chain tensioner upgrade, long throw emission Euro controls removed, forged alloys, alarm system 2 lock, 2-point rear seat beltstinted windshield and side glass. Driven only from Mid April to late October, only on weekends for long drives to and from a country home in Cornwall, CT (Never in the rain) Always garaged. I like it because it's fun, people are impressed and I feel good owing such a beauty.
Owner:  Mike Horne        


Arnold, MD 21012

PCA Member #:   1983085648 ; Region: Chesapeake


year:1983   style: targa   mileage:41675   colors: slate blue/blue lthr  acquired: Mar 1983  chassis#: WP0EA0910DS161098

Low mileage, fully original, original owner vehicle. Mostly a garage queen these days - the traffic is a major deterrent in the Annapolis area
Owner: Greg Deschodt   

Tampa FL 33611


PCA Member #: 2002102351 ; Region: Suncoast


year:1983  style: coupe  mileage:168,000  colors: Platinum Metallic  acquired: 11/97, sold in 2001, re-purchased - 07/06  chassis#:  Wp0aa0913ds120446

My first Porsche... It was my primary driver for about 4 years, at which time I sold it to good friend and bought a boxster... I recently bought it back from my friend and it's pretty much exactly the same as I left it.... Aftermarket sports seats, 5 point harness, Momo steering wheel, turbo tie rods, Seine shifter gate, lowered to euro specs and then some, and the A/C was removed – it is meant to become a track car as soon as a front oil cooler can be fitted. The existing (upgraded) Carrera cooler + fan is not up to the task in Florida ! That car is the Mercedes 300D of the Porsche world, it has nearly 170K miles and only a 2% leakdown on all cylinders, it will just keep on going forever!
Owner: Harvey Robideau 

1540 Sunshine Circle

Chaska, MN

PCA Member #: 1996077724   ; Region:  Nord Stern


year:1983  style:coupe  mileage:134,000  colors:Light Bronze Metal/Dark Brwn  acquired:May 95  chassis#:  WPOAA0911DS120817

Purchased the car from the second owner and used it as a daily driver and autocross car until late in '96 when I tried a track day for fun.  Big mistake.  The car slowly morphed into what it is today.  A fully prepped G class PCA Club Race car.  I have not driven it on the street since 2002.  It is a top race car with many podium finishes.  I might add that the engine is stock and as near to being indestructible as any engine from any other manufacturer.  Great car!
Owner: Bill Cline         

515 Rose Lane SW

North Canton, OH 44720

PCA Member #: 199113625 ; Region:  Eastern Buckeye


year:1983  style: coupe  mileage: 57,000  colors:  Schieferblaumetallic  acquired: Mar 91  chassis#: WPOAA0911DS120817

 The Schieferblaumetallic paint is very distinctive. Car is fitted with 16 Fuchs, 7&8's and is excellent condition. Was used for DE events for a few years until I acquired a dedicated track car. So this one is now driven on nice days and occasionally to work. B&B muffler recently replaced with a stock muffler.  All the other usual upgrades such as Carrera tensioners and has Carrera sway bars. Options: CO2, 158,197,395,454,469,566,650. I recently sold my 1970 RS clone  track car and purchased an RSAmerica to go with the SC. Quite  a pair!



Owner: Donald Lykins

1305 Barrington Circle

St. Augustine, Fl 32092

PCA Member #: 1999050708 ; Region:  Florida Crown


year: 1982  style: snrf coupe  mileage: 127,500  colors: Platinum Metallic/Brown  acquired: Jan 06   chassis#: 911344


My 1982 SC was in the display of Porsches "Celebrating Forty Fast Years" at Rennsport II

My 1982 911 SC Sunroof Coupe was placed in service on April 23, 1982. The exterior color/code is Platinum Metallic and the interior is Brown Leather. The car has been lowered and is equipped with 5 speed manual transmission, Electric Windows, Electric Mirrors, Windshield with Green Graduated Tint, Electric Sliding Sunroof, High Amperage Battery, Air Conditioning with new rotary compressor, AM/FM/CD Stereo Radio, Rear window defogger, a Whale tail, Chin Spoiler, 7” & 8” x 16”  Forged Alloy Fuch Wheels fitted with Yokohama AVS ES 100 tires, Cruise Control, Sport Shocks, White Rectangular Fog Lights, window mounted third brake light, rear window wiper, rear bumper mounted European fog light, and European tail light lenses. I drive my Porsche to club events, car shows and touring to interesting vacation sites and race tracks.  I like the classic look of the 911 SC.


Owner: Byron Von Dwyer 

1133 Morgan Cir.W.

 Orange Park, FL. 32073

PCA Member #: 1987099444  ; Region:  Florida Crown


year: 78 & 83  style: coupe/cab    mileage: 140K    colors:  Black/Black; White/Blue   acquired: 95 & 99  chassis#: 9118202308 & WP0EA0916DS170193

The 1978 black SC coupe, Ext, H1s Euro, tail lights, choice of tails range from factory Carrera, 930, Duck Tail clone (on steel lid, like factory) carbon 3.8 wing and the plain deck lid. Ruf windshield sill inlays, Bumper mount Oil cooler scoop. Int Vintage Personal steering wheel, MOMO shift knob, Recaro SRD seats, Brey-Krause harness bar, AJ-USA pedals, Welt short shift, AG leather shift & e-brake boots, and billet door handles.Full Nachamichi sound system Engine will be build by Broadfoot Racing over the winter consisting of 964 cams, 964 oil pump, euro FI with Fabspeed Carbon cover & aluminum air box, B&B headers & muffler, and like the cab, a few other Broadfoot tricks & an 88 930 front oil cooler. Susp. Bilstein sports, 23 & 33 mm hollow T-bars, TRG swaybars, Brey-Krause carbon fiber strut brace, mono balls front & rear, 930 brakes & 7&9X16 Factory Fuchs. There are more tricks to come, short gears & LSD, Ruf front spoiler & oil cooler. I've been collecting these parts for my ideal SC for many years and an down to only needing the Ruf front spoiler & oil cooler to complete.

The white 1983 SC cab is mostly stock, ext. has choice of factory Carrera & Turbo tails, has H4s & Euro tail lights int. Recaro SRD seats, MOMO Beniton steering wheel & shift knob, DAS roll bar, powder coated white by Powder Tech Plus, Welt short shift kit. The engine was rebuilt by Albert Broadfoot of Broadfoot racing, using 964 cams, euro FI, SSIs B&B muffler, and a few other Broadfoot racing tricks, 87 930 front oil cooler, susp is adj Konis, 21 & 28 mm T-bars, TRG sway bars, Brey-Krause strut brace, mono ball front strut mounts, 944 Turbo brakes, factory color matched 7&9X16 Fuchs.

Owner:   Robb Parish       

Moscow, ID 83843


PCA Member #: 2002067654   ; Region:  Inland Northwest


year: 1979   style:  coupe    mileage: 154915    colors: Light Blue Metallic   acquired: May 02  chassis#: 9119200700

I am the third owner of this car originally delivered in March of 1979 to Dave Strong Porsche in Salt Lake City. The car is stock except for tensioner and pop-off valve upgrades. The engine and transmission are original (clutch was replaced many years ago). The car was cosmetically restored in 2004/05 both exterior and interior. The car was repainted in the original Light Blue Metallic. I have a certificate of authenticity but it is not entirely accurate: the Fuchs are 16" and the window trim is black; those were both options on the '79 but are not listed on the certificate. I use the car as a daily driver during the summer months and store it in the winter. North Central Idaho has many fun back roads and the SC is the perfect car for run on the twisties - especially the 155 turn 8-mile grade into Lewiston, Idaho. The SC embodies the best of Porsche - beautiful design, raw driving enjoyment, and reliability.
Owner:  Steve Binkley     

Prescott, AZ


PCA Member #: 2005030849   ; Region: 


year: 1980    style:  targa    mileage: 105,700     colors:  Cream/Dark Brown    acquired: Jan 06   chassis#: 91A0142011

The car was purchased new in Long Beach, CA from Circle Porsche. It is in extraordinary condition throughout both mechanically and cosmetically. I had seen it around town and admired it greatly, then amazingly I saw it at a performance car dealership (where it had been traded in for a later model 911) for sale and I purchased it (after a full mechanical checkout by a good mechanic). It had no records with it. I have put about 1000 miles on it since purchase and generally drive it once or twice a week around town or a short trip to9 Jerome (old mining town) or Sedona, AZ for lunch with my wife and another couple who own a 1990 Porsche 944.
Owner:  John Damianos   

285 Middle Country Road

Smithtown, NY 11787

PCA Member #: 1986049538   ; Region:  Metro NY


year: 1978      style:  targa    mileage: 186,183     colors: Red/Black    acquired:   chassis#: 9118211852

The car is mostly original with German replacement parts/materials. Was a daily driver, now used sparingly for long local trips, etc. Still a very unique, air-cooled, oversteering, high-powered but quaint car.
Owner:   Ed Osias       

15 King Street

Hampton Bays, NY 11946

PCA Member #: 2003058218 ; Region:  NY Metro


year:      style:  coupe    mileage: 126,600    colors: Red/Black Lthr    acquired:   chassis#:  911920257

Car looks great! Complete paint job a number of years ago (all came off, including glass out). Only non-stock item is the black seats. Original were gross, plus very bad for my bad back. Replaced with a set of seats from an 86, which I then redyed. Use the car for drives in the country with my lady, and go to Metro concours (twice a year) where I usually bring home a second or third --street class as the engine is clean but not up to snuff for a judging. She sleeps in a small but neat garage that's got outdoor carpeting from Home Depot. Have an '87 944 dark green with light beige leather as a daily driver. A few scratches but basically clean, 86,000+ miles. Business car is a VW GTI, but it may go soon to make way for another Porsche (either an old 911 or 944).
Owner: Michael Zois         

Santa Barbara, CA


PCA Member #: 1995069537 ; Region:  San Diego


year: 1983     style:  cab    mileage: 83K     colors: White    acquired: June 1999   chassis#:  wpozzz91zds151613

Euro SC cabriolet, bought in 1999 with 32K miles. Current body backdated to early RS long-hood look. 3.6 non-varioram motor, No Bad Days dual prom performance chip, 286hp on the dyno,  993 heat exchangers, sport cat with single outlet, 3 inch Supertrapp cap. CA smog legal! WEVO modded 915 trans and shift; 24/30 t-bars, Carrera sway bars, now running 16x7 and 8 Polished Fuchs with 225/45 and 245/45s, have 16x7,8 Fuchs for track. Koni sports all around; sub euro ride height; Recaro sport seats, A/C delete.
Owner: Mike McCaffrey     

150 Carriage Way

Windsor, CT 06095

PCA Member #:  2004037407 ; Region:  Connecticut Valley


year:1982  style:coupe  mileage:106,000  colors:Lt Blue Met./Black & Linen  acquired:April 06  chassis#: wpozzz91zcs121550

Car has been modified for DE and Autocross, plus has typical durability upgrades: Carrera Chain Tensioner, Carrera Oil Cooler & Pop-off valve. Performance: 22/29 torsion bars, Bilstein SPORT shocks, Elephant Polybronze bushings and monoballs, Turbo Tierods, Weltmeister Strut Brace, lowered and corner balanced, DAS-SPORT removable rollbar. Removed air conditioning for 57lb weight reduction, however I've kept all parts so it can be reinstalled. Engine and transmission are from the factory. Used for occasional drives to work, evening cruises, long trips to visit friends and of course DE and AX. Last year I dynoed the car at XXTuning in East Hartford. Car made 155 rwhp, which works out to ~180 hp, assuming a 14% driveline loss. Engine is still making stock hp, which is impressive considering the miles and the "no-mercy" driving on the track. I do most of the work on it myself. Musante Motorsports does the hard stuff. Bought it two years ago and have put ~10K on it since then. PO put 50K on in 5 years using it as a daily driver and ~20 track days.
Owner:  George McMurtry 

17 Audubon Road

Lady’s Island, SC  29907

PCA Member #: 1981040274 ; Region:  Coastal Empire


year: 1983   style:  coupe  mileage: 104,200   colors: Brick Red Metallic/Brwn Lthr   acquired:   chassis#:  WPOAA0910D5120727


I am the 3rd owner. The color combo is Brick-Red Metallic (Porsche calls it Ziegelrotmetallic) with a brown leather interior. It is an unusual and strikingly good looking color combination -- one of Porsche's better eclectic combos. It was completely original when I bought it except for an upgraded radio with CD and a Momo wheel (The original is now mounted). I have since taken care of many little things (like fixing the cruise control) plus a complete, correctly done, repaint due to the road rash. I wanted more out of the stock engine so it now has a complete rebuild with JE high compression pistons and rings, cam work for more torque, valve job with porting & polishing, cylinders honed, RSR 6 lb flywheel, SSI exhaust and free flow muffler. It now puts out 230HP+; the pistons alone take it to 204HP. It has Carrera tensioners and a pop-off valve, new clutch and pressure plate and a crisp, grind free 915 transmission (even first). The brakes have new rotors (cross drilled) and pads. This SC can scare the H out of Carreras and 964s. I re-dyed the front seats, otherwise the interior is all original, no cracks or splits in the dash or seats. I just upgraded the A/C with Rennaire components, rotary compressor, Rennaire serpentine evaporator, dryer, hoses – guess what an SC can blow cold air, even in steamy hot South Carolina. The SC will definitely see more driving this summer.



Owner:  John Meany        

Granby CT.06035

PCA Member #: 2004090062 ; Region: Connecticut Valley


year: 1981   style:  targa    mileage: 149K   colors: Wien Rot Met   acquired: April 04  chassis#: WPOEAO918BS161217

My daily driver to anywhere that my ex is not.
Owner:  Ken Fredrickson 

8752 Ottawa River Circle

Fountain Valley, CA

PCA Member #: 1995070018 ; Region: Orange Coast


year:1982   style:coupe   mileage:233K+  colors:Guards Red/Cashmere  acquired: May 85  chassis#: wpoaa0914cs121667

This has been my daily driver for over 22 years. Everything is all original … speedo, radio, etc. The engine had a "top end" rebuild at 233K. At that time we replaced the ORIGINAL clutch. I installed a B&B muffler about 10 years ago and since had added the test pipe.
Owner:   Kirk Stubner       


Winnipeg, Manitoba

PCA Member #: 2006021176   ; Region:  Red River


year: 1981  style: coupe   mileage: 163,000   colors: Red Wine Metallic  acquired: May 06  chassis#: WPOAA0910BS120384

Sunroof Coupe, with A/C. Leather dash and door panels. Vinyl standard Seats. Cruise Control (not working), original Fuchs, RS America Tail Installed by PO (may come off). Summer driver, nice weather daily driver and weekends. It is the color and style I was looking for.
Owner:   Andy Gattone     

12118 Shadow Run Blvd

Riverview, FL  33569

PCA Member #: 1900039909  ; Region:  Suncoast


year: 1983  style: coupe   mileage: 41617   colors: White/Maroon  acquired: ASug 05  chassis#: WPOAA0911DS121918

This car has all the updates.  It was "restored" 10 years ago by the Porsche mechanics who take care of the car now.  The car has a 930 steering wheel and a 930 whale tail.  I am the third owner.
Owner: Mark H. Jekot       

Denver, CO


PCA Member #: 2003070706   ; Region:  Colorado


year: 1982  style: coupe    mileage: 84,000   colors: Grand Prix White/Black  acquired: Feb 03  chassis#: WPOAA0919CS122197

I am the fourth owner of this car. Originally purchased at Crown Porsche in Greensboro NC, it now resides in Denver Colorado. This car has won 3, First in Class awards at local PCA judged Concour events and a Second and Third place at the Gmund West event. An illustration of this car can also be found on the cover of the Porsche Market Letter / July 2004.  I have always been inspired by the RS look so one of the first modifications I performed was the    P O R S C H E    stripe along the bottom of the door and to paint the Fuchs red to match the stripe. There is a 6-disc Alpine changer and a 200 watt Kenwood amplifier installed by the previous owner, but the only sound I listen to is the flat-six. The car has been lowered and corner balanced. The windows have been tinted.  Beyond that, she is a factory at the day she rolled off the assembly line. I have started driving the car more now that I have retired from the show circuit. I sold a 1967 Chevrolet Corvette to acquire this car. I have become a real Porsche guy and now, I am in the hunt for a 912.  Hope you have enjoyed my story.
Owner:  Stan Bonnesen

Grand Rapids,  MN


PCA Member #: 1975063609  ; Region: Northern New Jersey


year: 1983  style: cabriolet    mileage: 60,500+   colors: Chiffon/Chocolate Leather  acquired: Jan 06  chassis#: WP0EA0911DS1706 18

I am the third owner as far as I can tell.  I purchased it in NJ in January, ’06, with 60,500 miles on the odometer. It had its original chain tensioners and no pop-off valve.  A new top was installed at about 50,000 miles as was a new clutch.  I have added the Carrera tensioners and a pop-off valve as well as SSI heat exchangers and a Dansk ’74 ½ muffler. 
Owner:  Ed Morrow

PO Box 59

Wales, MA  01081    

PCA Member #:  2001043745 ; Region:  Connecticut Valley


year: 1981  style: coupe    mileage: 125,000   colors: Ruby Red/Brown Leather  acquired: April, 2002  chassis#: WPOAA0917BS120513

This 911SC sunroof coupe is my fourth Porsche. I consider the SC's to be the best of the 911 series. Exterior changes since purchase are installation of a chin spoiler, replacement of the aftermarket fogs with the correct ones and replacement of the bumper smile. Inside got a Momo wheel and CD player. The engine had the popoff and tensioner upgrades, I added a MSD6AL ignition. Found a couple of broken head studs when the covers were pulled for a valve adjustment so I pulled the engine over the winter, did the studs and resealed everything short of splitting the case. Car is driven mostly on the weekends and is my favorite Porsche for highway trips.
Owner: Gary Radocchio

PO Box 125

Woodbury, CT 06798

PCA Member #:  2005010706 ; Region:  Connecticut Valley


year: 1978  style:  Coupe   mileage: 165,000   colors: Speed Yellow/Black  acquired: 8/05  chassis#: 

Had this car built by the Hairy Dog Garage in Oxford, CT to be legal for PCA Club Racing in G Stock class.  I will race it starting in April of 2007 at Lime Rock Park and have used it for over 30 DE days since building it.
Owner: Clive Young


Cambridge, Ontario

PCA Member #: 1995123202  ; Region:  Upper Canada


year: 1978  style:  Targa   mileage:  183000km  colors: Copper/Cork   acquired: 8/05  chassis#: 

This is a bare bones go cart compared to my previous 944S. It has no power windows, no A/C no cruise control. I bought it as a project car and it has been a blast to preserve ( I do not say restore as it would be misleading ) . It does have an LSD which makes it a blast to drive. It is a summer car only, is in really nice shape and I hope to hang on to her for a while.
Owner: Brett Allison

2741 Caminito Cedros

Del Mar, CA  92014

PCA Member #: 2001121949  ; Region:  San Diego


year: 1978  style: Coupe    mileage: 54,000   colors: continental oragne/obster  acquired: 10/04  chassis#:  9118201860

I am the third owner.  I believe the miles to be original based on the condition of the interior, which always draws a crowd.  Originally purchased in Las Vegas and spent most of its life there.  After purchase, I brought it up to concours condition taking first in class in 2005 and second in class in 2006 PCA San Diego region events.  It's not a daily driver, but I drive it around 5,000 miles/year.
Owner: Ernie Revuelta

16367-82nd RD North

Loxahatchee, FL  33470

PCA Member #: 1991068297  ; Region:  Gold Coast


year: 1980  style: Coupe    mileage: 135,000   colors: Gold/Tan Leather   acquired: 9/06  chassis#: 91A0143194

Sunroof coupe, upgraded tensioners, have tail but not installed I prefer the coupes lowered with no tail.  Car will be used for AutoXs and DE once I put a few miles on a feel comfortable with it.
Owner: Kurt Fischer

3660 Kelsey Knolls

Santa Rosa, CA  95403

PCA Member #:  1999048915 ; Region:  Redwood


year: 1980  style: Coupe    mileage: 134,350   colors: Platinum/Beige  acquired: 8/97  chassis#: 91A0143959

Weissach edition - 1 of 408

Lowered, Turbo tie rods, Turbo valve covers, Carrera tensioners, pop off valve.

This is no garage queen...its a daily driver and autocrosses about 15 times a year.

See Adrian Streather's SC book... lots of photo credits in there!
Owner: Jim Giampaolo

730 Seventh St, Suite 204

Eureka, CA  95501

PCA Member #: 1998011281  ; Region:  Redwood


year: 1980  style: Coupe    mileage: 48,000   colors: Platinum metallic/Doric Grey  acquired: 12/98  chassis#: 91A0143376

My Porsche is a Weissach Limited Edition 911SC.  I am the Northern Representative for the Redwood Region PCA.  The Pacific Northwest has its limits on dry days to drive, however when it is clear it is one of the few places that you can cruise the curvy roads around 500+ year old Redwood Trees.   I was fortunate to have the editor of Adrian Streathers' book, "Porsche 911SC The Essential Companion", select photos I took of my car for the cover of his book.  My Weissach buddies in the Redwood Region are also featured in several articles.     Jim Giampaolo
Owner: Rick Korfin

4821 Almondwood Way

San Diego, CA  92130

PCA Member #: 1998104944  ; Region:  San Diego


year: 1980  style: Coupe    mileage: 153,000   colors: Silver/Black  acquired: 6/06  chassis#: 91A0140549

Turbo tie rods, H4s, pop-off valve, Carrera tensioners, Carrera front oil cooler, lowered, corner balanced and aligned, ice cold a/c. Car is used for autocross, DE/TT events and some street driving. Future plans are roll bar, race seats, new torsion bars, sway bars, ball joints, camber plates and R-compound tires.
Owner: Scott MacKie

6109 Silver Leaf Tr NE

Albuquerque, NM  87111

PCA Member #: 2005060762  ; Region:  Roadrunner


year: 1982  style: Coupe    mileage: 63,700   colors: Silver/Can-can red  acquired: 10/06  chassis#: WP0AA0914CS120745

Bought to replace a '77.  Found in Park City, Utah.  Modded with sport Bilsteins, AC delete, sport muffler, all the usual mods (tensioners, pop-off), camber bar, 28 MM torsion in rear, 7 and 9 x 16's, lowered, corner-balanced, turbo tie rods, turbo valve covers.

I drive it at PCA and other club's events, including autocross, DE, and the odd rally (really like them but this regions doesn't due very many a year, guess I should get off my bottom and organize one).  Also take the patient "Porsche Widow" out for the occasional drive to Taos to get some ice cream at the Taos Cow (I highly recommend it).  The little guy loves it too  "Yea, we get to take the Fun Car!"

Me?  Full time Air Force toad.
Owner: Allen Rodgers

26 Clarendon Ave

Avondale Estates, GA 30002

PCA Member #: 1995091266  ; Region:  Southeast


year: 1980  style: Coupe    mileage:89978   colors: Charcoal Gray/Black  acquired: Sept/2004  chassis#: 91A0142583

Great car! I am a professional artist (Landscapes and Still Lifes in oil on canvas) so I don't have to drive to a job or travel much. My studio is in my basement so this is my daily driver. This is my second Porsche, had a 1977 euro 930 Turbo that was incredible. Sold it twelve years ago to pursue my art career full time. So now I'm making a living as an artist and I have another Porsche! Life is good.
Owner: William Sims

3903 Creek Point

San Antonio, TX  78230

PCA Member #: 200521335  ; Region:  Longhorn


year: 1980  style: Targa    mileage:136,000   colors: Yellow/Brown  acquired: Oct 2004 chassis#: 91A0143306

Completely stock with the exception of new paint in 2002. I am the 3rd owner and it is a daily driver.
Owner: Michael Harabin

1514 Beverly Drive

Beverly Hills, CA  90210

PCA Member #: 20006071577  ; Region:  Los Angeles


year: 1979  style: Coupe    mileage:88,000   colors: Silver/Black  acquired: Oct 06 chassis#: 9119201334

I just bought my 79 911SC, after years with my 75 which I still miss.  It is my daily driver.  It is almost in original condition.  I have to replace the audio system and rear deck to get the interior back to stock.
Owner: Michael Valliere

27 Wing Road

Pocasset, MA  02559

PCA Member #: 2000093370  ; Region:  North East


year: 1981  style: Targa    mileage:137,000   colors: Havana Brown/Black  acquired: 06/98 chassis#: WP0ZZZ1ZBS140814

The car is a stock 911 SC Targa (Euro model) with the exception of an 89 Carrera 3.2L engine. The interior is a black cloth and has Recaro front seats. I've eliminated the AC, when cruising it's nicer to just have the top off. I purchased the 911 from a retired Air Force Col. who purchased the car while in Germany from the original owner.
Owner: Tim Capps

4703 So. Jasper St.

Aurora, CO  80015

PCA Member #: 2002023101  ; Region:  Rocky Mountain


year: 1982  style: Coupe    mileage:176,000   colors: Dark Grey/Special Leather  acquired: Nov 2001 chassis#: WP0AA916CS122027

3rd owner.  Car is a Dark Grey - "Color to Sample" with a "special leather interior" according to the window sticker which came with the car, along with all records since new.  Car has 176,000 miles, runs great and looks brand new.
Owner: Warren Nix

8063 S. Adams Way

Centennial, CO  80122

PCA Member #: 2006101192  ; Region:  Rocky Mountain


year: 1978  style: Coupe    mileage:128,000   colors: White/Cork  acquired: 4/06 chassis#: 9118201842

Bilstein shocks, 16 inch Fuchs, no spoiler and mostly original
Owner: Dan Proudfoot

44 Kildonan Drive

Scarborough, ON MIN3B5

PCA Member #: 2006030001  ; Region:  Upper Canada


year: 1978  style: Snrf Coupe    mileage:272,648 KM   colors: Cashmere beige/Dark Brown  acquired: 1/06 chassis#: 9118200190


It begins with a once-in-a-lifetime trip in January of 2006, a dream trip, buying this car in Monterey, CA, and driving it first to Vancouver, B.C., and then, three months later, winter over, across the Canadian prairies home to Toronto.

I’d owned a 356 (T-6) from 1968 to 1998 and a 914 for a year or two. As an auto journalist I have driven many 911 incarnations both for road tests and at media introductions. To my delight, the 911SC felt absolutely great from the time I set out driving north from  Monterey.

The only real disappointment with this $8,865 purchase was the paint - dead-looking to begin with and peeling by the time I got home. As a result the car spent the summer of 2007 in a body shop, with my 22-year-old son and I stripping the paint and removing the front fenders, bumpers, interior and so on, finding in the process that this was indeed the rust-free California car all we easterners covet.

It remains Cashmere beige as original, but the car glows as never before with its highly polished Herbert’s Standox paint. Various mechanical upgrades also have brought this car, oldest I believe of all SC’s currently in the registry, up to a high standard. The satisfaction gained is incredible.

Owner: Matt Nelson

1567 Market St5. #2

Santa Clara, Ca  95050

PCA Member #: 2006111110 ; Region:  Golden Gate


year: 1981  style: Coupe    mileage:118,000   colors: Light blue Metalic/Black  acquired: 7/05 chassis#: WP0AA0914BS121568


Since childhood I have always wanted one of these; a classic 911 Coupe. Although I had always envisioned a Guards Red on Black example, my interests matured to include more unique alternatives. While living and working as an automotive engineering/design intern for Brammo Motorsports in Ashland, Oregon for a summer, I stumbled across this stunning SC with a 'For Sale' sign in the window while on my bicycle commute to work. I returned to the location on a daily basis to stare at the car. The Features... Lowered and adjustable ride height, chrome Fuchs 8s and 9s, power windows and sunroof, aftermarket airbox with K&N filter, 105K miles, hotwires ignition, momo steering wheel, new Toyo Proxes tires, Cambermeister strut brace, Bilstein performance shocks, 170 MPH speedo, new Hella driving lights, Carrera chin spoiler, Euro lenses, an awesome color, and no price tag, just a 'Make Offer' at the bottom... I wanted it. So I took down the number and called the guy, even though I had no money, and asked if he'd like to trade for my '99 Audi A4 with about 65,000 miles. He said that was the kind of car he was looking to replace his 911 with, and so we met up and he really liked my car as well, (I had made a few tasteful upgrades myself since I bought it). We made the trade and the rest is history.
       I used the car as a daily driver for a year, and have kept very good care of it. I have recently purchased another car, so now I just drive this around town on sunny weekends. The car currently has 118,000 documented miles on it, and recently had an engine-out full service, fixing all leaks, checking the clutch (which was relatively new), etc. etc.. Next up will be the installation of some rebuilt front calipers, as mine have seized up and are not working. I will also get the seats stitched up or re-covered soon, and may take out a very small dent. I am having a great time with this car, and am proud to be an SC owner
Owner: James Brown

1808 Emerald Lake Way

Bellingham, WA  98226

PCA Member #: 2007010996 ; Region:  Pacific Northwest


year: 1981  style: Coupe    mileage:127,845   colors: Light Blue/Blue Leather  acquired: 12/2006 chassis#: WP0AA0911BS232255


I was looking on EBAY one day in December when I stumbled on this 911SC in Chicago. I had never owned a 911 but since that day in 1973 when a friend of mine's father pulled into his driveway with a brand new 911, it was all over! Now, 33 years later, it's my turn. I called the auto broker, arranged for payment, and flew out to pick up the car! It was kind of on the wild side but all stock and it was mine!! Off I went driving from Chicago to Bellingham, Washington in December in a 911 with 127000 miles on it. WOW.
For four days I did not stop smiling, the car ran like a top just hummed right along. When l got home I was ready to go on another trip! What a great car and I am looking forward to restoring it to like new condition.

Owner: Greg Lewis

5700 Stanfield Ct.

Chino Hills, CA  91709

PCA Member #: 2005060114 ; Region:  Riverside/Zone 8


year: 1980  style: Coupe    mileage:160,000   colors: Light Blue/Blue  acquired: 3/2005 chassis#: 91A0141169

Purchased her about 2 years ago, I have wanted a 911 since I was in high school. My neighbor restored a 73T and I've loved them ever since.    Great car daily driver has the usual upgrades, I did the turbo tie rods last year have Fabspeed catbypass into a muffler bypass for the track just rebuilt the front calipers and had her corner balanced a few months ago also put in some Recaros.   I do a DE event about every other month for the  past 8 months, the car loves the track. I have never  had an issue she actually runs better after a day on  the track.   I love this car!!!

Owner: Peter J. Beringer

27420 Richview Court

Bonita Springs, FL  34135

PCA Member #: 2004110778 ; Region:  Everglades


year: 1980  style: Coupe    mileage:108,000   colors: Black Metallic/Doric Grey  acquired: 10/2004 chassis#: 91A0143355

1980 911SC Coupe - Weissach Edition - Black Metallic - 1 of 408
Doric Grey-w/Rust Piping Leather Two-Tone interior - Recaro Sport Seats - Momo Wheel -
Short Shift Kit - Bilstein Sport Front Shocks - Ruf Hypercharged Rear Shocks - 16" BBS 3 piece forged wheels 205/50/R16Front & 245/45/R16Rear - Original 15x7/15x8 Fuchs with Platinum Metallic restored and ready - Brembo crossdrilled front rotors with all calipers reconditioned and painted red - Chain Tensioner update - Fabspeed CarbonFiber Airbox with K&N Filter - Valance Upgrade to the 84-89Carrera with flush mounted hella Fog Lights painted yellow. Car is tight and a blast to drive, the 915 transmission is always a challenge. Enjoy taking the car to Sebring for the Historic Sports Car Races and the track touring as well as the 12 Hours!

Owner: JD Hall

1023 E. Oak Street

Louisville, KY  40204

PCA Member #: 2006010958 ; Region:  KYPCA


year: 1979  style: Targa    mileage:161K +   color: Red/Black  acquired: 12/05 chassis#: 9119210686

Bought broken and neglected, sitting in a basement for two years, from a fellow bar patron. Ended up that the cam sprocket nut backed off and stopped the right valve train. Surprisingly, only a broken intake rocker resulted.

Major twenty footer, seats screaming for replacement or serious restoration. It has zero heat, it leaks & squeaks and does all kinds of other ornery things, but damn it's fun!

I try to take it out once a week or so weather permitting...remember, no heat and it could really use Targa seals. Always use it for parts running when I'm working on one of the other cars.

Owner: Dick Kress

4523 Evangel Ave NW

Massillon, OH  44647

PCA Member #: 2006071318 ; Region:  Buckeye


year: 1982  style: Coupe    mileage: 93,000   color: Guards Red/Beige  acquired: Feb/07 chassis#: WPOAA0912CS121084

I am the 4th owner of this extremely well preserved original coupe. The gentleman I purchased it from kept it in marvelous condition in a heated garage for the 21 yrs. he owned it. I plan on servicing it myself and using it for touring and local pleasure trips. I am retired and plan on driving it quite often.

Owner: Laverne E. Dale

16306 Valleyview Ave

Cleveland, OH  44135

PCA Member #: 2007030271 ; Region:  Northern Ohio


year: 1979  style: Coupe    mileage: 97,000   color: GP White/Cork  acquired: Feb/07 chassis#: 9119200401


Just purchased the car. I am the third owner. The car has a original spoiler and air dam. So far I have been driving it on nice days.

Owner: Gary Cuozzo

586 Totoket Road

Northford, CT  06472

PCA Member #: 1900049733 ; Region:  Connecticut Valley


year: 1980  style: Sunroof Coupe    mileage: 217,000   color: Guards Red/Black  acquired: Oct 93 chassis#: WP0AA09456N452837

I am the car's 3rd owner.  It was originally registered in Texas.  I purchased it from the 2nd owner, in New Haven, CT.  I have been doing DE events since buying the car.  I estimate the car has well over 150 track days, many with both me and my wife driving.  I have driven Lime Rock Park, Bridgehampton Raceway (now closed), Watkins Glen International, New Hampshire International Speedway, and Virginia International Raceway.  The car is still driven on the street, but is really setup for the track.  It is pretty loud but sounds great IMO.  The car is quite fast and handles nicely.  The car is featured in Adrian Streather's 911SC book.  I have done most of the work myself.
The car has many modifications and upgrades:
* 1997 993 Varioram 3.6L euro spec engine, purchased new.  OBD-I DME  * B&B 3.6L SS headers with heat exhangers
* Flowmaster 2-in/2-out muffler adapted to headers  * K&N air cleaner  * Patrick Motorsports light flywheel & racing clutch 

* Recaro SRD seats  * Sabelt 5 pt. harnesses  * Harness bar  * Weltmeister short shift  * Momo Corse steering wheel
* Extinguisher  * 150 MPH VDO speedometer
* 930 calipers all around  * Hawk Blue pads  * VCI front rotors  * 930 rear rotors  * Larger master cylinder  * SS brake lines
* Weltmeister camber plates  * Weltmeister strut bar  * Weltmeister anti-sway bars with adjustable drop links
* Adjustable spring plates in rear  * Hard bushings  * Hollow torsion bars, 23mm front, 31mm rear  * Custom valved Bilstein shocks
* Lowered ride height  * Aligned & corner balanced
* Front & rear fiberglass spoilers  * Fender & front mounted B&B aluminum oil coolers  * Front fender lips rolled
* Magnetic numbers for track, #478
* 951 8" Fuchs front - Toyo RA1 225/50/16 tires  * 911 9" Fuchs rear - Toyo RA1 245/45/16 tires

Owner: Daniel F. Kiefer


Spring, TX  77379-2586

PCA Member #: 2006110922 ; Region:  Lone Star


year: 1983  style: Cabriolet    mileage: 55,000   color: Platinum/Black  acquired: Oct 2006 chassis#: WP0ZZZ91ZDS150957

I have been in love with the 911 since I was old enough to know what they were.  I'm the 5th owner and will be the last until they take my DL away.  The car is being returned to her original glory after years of being driven and "maintained".  Originally purchased by a US service member in Germany, she has resided in central Florida until my purchase.  She's been fully Federalized, but retained the smaller Euro bumper guards and has H4 lights with the side marker lights.  The last major work before my purchase was late 1995.    From all records I have she's only been driven 2K miles in the last 10 years.  When I upgraded the tires and rims to 17" 205 front 255 rear, the removed tires were 11 years old and only had 1/16" treadwear.  Since purchase; complete transmission rebuild, engine top job and reseal, new cylinder studs, new clutch assembly, alternator, plug wires, all engine mods and upgrades, all parts OEM.  I have the original Fuchs 15" rims.  The car is driven as often as possible, I'm a steadfast believer in "no garage queens".    

Owner: John H. Minot

105 Stuyvesant Ave

Merrick, NY  11566

PCA Member #: 2007040541; Region:  Metro NY


year: 1979  style: Coupe    mileage: 85,000+   color: Black/Black  acquired: 2/07 chassis#: 9119200208

From what I have been able to discover the car may have originally been red with a tan interior. I think it was painted black by the prior owner and then re-painted by the guy who fixed it up and sold it to me. The tan interior was mildewed and so the guy who fixed it up put in a very decent set of black lather seats, front and back. I painted the interior back side panels and rear shelf tray black and they came out pretty good. I will be going to put in RS door panels when the funds allow, and then paint the front knee strip and door strip black. Ultimately I would also like to put in early 1970's sport seats.
Owner: Sean Reilly

5 Rachel Drive

Rutland, VT  05701

PCA Member #: 2006091183; Region:  Green Mountain


year: 1978  style: Coupe    mileage: 149,441   color: Ice Blue/Black  acquired: 8/06 chassis#: 9118201727

I have been wishing for a 911 for 30 years and my dream finally came true for my 40th birthday. My favorite 911 is the 1970-73 911S, but they are way out of my price range. The best value in the 911 is the SC! I purchased the car in Wisconsin for $11,000. The car spent most of its life in Nevada and was re-painted. The car is all original and came from the factory with the following options: Y70, leather sport seats, sunroof,  power windows and AC.  I have removed the non working AC system and added the chin spoiler. All the numbers match and hope to someday rebuild/upgrade the engine and improve the handling while keeping the appearance of car original. The car resides in the garage during the week, waiting for the weekend to be driven fast on the great roads of Vermont. 

Owner: Michael Todas

1415 Richardson St.

Baltimore, MD  21230

PCA Member #: 2007091056; Region:  Chesapeake (CHS)


year: 1978  style: Coupe    mileage: 48,400   color:Silver/Black  acquired: 8/07 chassis#: 9118202335

  I picked this lady up a few days ago. She is all original and very clean. She drives like a dream.

Owner: Shane Van Way

54 Brackenhouse

Jackson, TN  38305

PCA Member #: 2006110547; Region:  Mid South


year:1983  style:Cabriolet  mileage:129,000  color:Ruby Red/Grey-Biege acquired:10/06 chassis#:WP0EA0910DS171372

  I bought the car from a friend in SoCal. The car was originally purchased on 10/21/1983 at HBL, Inc in Vienna, VA. I have so many records on this car, and yet, do not know the name of the original purchaser. If you can help, please email me and let me know.

The car stayed in VA (moving to Va. Beach), and then down to Savannah, Georgia. It was sold, and then moved to New Jersey. Next the car moved across the country to California.

I brought the car to my current location in Jackson, TN.

I never originally would have picked this color (bought it for the history and overall condition), but now absolutely love Rubin Rot!

Owner: Ted Vinson

2907 Providence Dr SW

Decatur, AL  35603

PCA Member #: 2002023028; Region:  Heart-O-Dixie


year:1983  style:Cabriolet  mileage:74,548  color:Black/Black acquired:10/07 chassis#:WP0EAO913DS171351

  Excellent condition original car that has been meticulously maintained.  Purchased for weekend trips to the mountains and beach.

Owner: Robert Stephens

399 Drummond Rd

Orange, CT  06477

PCA Member #: 1990106410; Region:  Connecticut Valley


year:1983  style:Cabriolet  mileage:69789  color:Slate Blue Metallic/Black acquired:4/89 chassis#:WP0EAO913DS171284

  Totally stock and not restored. Been told it is one of the nicest cars on the road.

Me, I'm just a car and motorcycle enthusiast.

I drive it mostly on the weekends. It has never seen snow or rain since I owned it.

It is definitely a keeper.
Owner: Tony Griffin

3104 W. 150 S.

Flora, IN  46929

PCA Member #: 2007120844; Region:  Central IN


year:1983  style: Targa  mileage: 149K  color: White/Burgundy   acquired: Aug 04 chassis#:WPOEA0911DS160574

  bought as a driver, it has all the proper updates to eng, the only other change is the front valance is updated to a 89 sc with chin spoiler.  I call her sweet baby "Jane".  I drive her only when the weather is dry about 4000 miles a year.  As I am factory trained PORSCHE tech. this car is set-up to drive and is very streetable in any gear.  I have owned about 25 PORSCHE'S since I've been 18 and won championships in SCCA in a PORSCHE.  Its good to be back in the club.

Owner: Brian March

2 Pond View Dr.

Elverson, PA  19520

PCA Member #: 1986124279; Region:  Riesentoter


year:1983  style: Coupe  mileage: 70,343  color: Slate blue/dark blue leather   acquired: May 2001 chassis#:WPOAA091XOS122517

This is my 3rd Porsche (914, 356C). This car caught my eye at the Hershey Swap Meet, even with the "sold" sign on it. I called the owner a month later, found out the deal fell thru, and the rest is history. This car had the looks that I always loved about 911s. It has a turbo tail, a 84-89 front valance, H4 headlight mods, plus 993 cup 17 in wheels and side mirrors. The car has also been lowered, and has LS. I haven't had any major surprises, and after wrenching on a 356 for 15 years, I haven't come across anything thats too difficult to do myself yet. The car runs great, and is a blast to drive. I use it quite a bit during the nicer months. One of these days, I may try a local DE event, but til then, I'll keep cruising the back roads of south east PA. That is if my wife's not driving it because it's a "cool car".

Owner: Kevin Vanacore

6860 West Hwy 329

Reddick, FL  32686

PCA Member #: 2008011019     Region:  Coastal Empire


year:1980  style: Targa  mileage: 44,000  color: Petrol Blue/Camel   acquired: Dec 2007 chassis#: 91A0142468

The 911 SC that I recently purchased is my first 911. I specifically was interested in obtaining an SC Model. I have previously owned a 1988 944S and a 2000 Boxster. Both were great experiences. I am looking forward to improving my current SC as well as using it as an occasional weekend driver.

Owner: Ben Bourland

11229 47th Avenue SE

Everett, WA  98208

PCA Member #: 2008021511     Region:  Pacific Northwest


year:1979  style: Targa  mileage: 204,000  color: Tobacco Brown/Cork Leather   acquired: June 2007 chassis#: 9119211891

Car was first purchased and owned by Ron Harrell who bought it new from Bozzani Porsche in Southern California for $32,259.  In 1986 Ron Harrell sold the car to my father-in-law Jerry Dotson.  I married Jerry's daughter, Marianne, in 1999 and purchased the car from him in June of 2007.

The car has only the necessary modifications; chain tensioners, head bolts, pop-off air box valve, etc.  The engine was rebuilt at 167,000 miles and the trans-axle rebuilt at 197,000 miles.  The front seats have been recovered.  It has the Turbo interior and all the options for that year.

I absolutely love the car.  It has a lot of sentimental value and represents my wife's great childhood and reminds her of her dad every time I drive into the garage.  Our daughters Bella and Sophie will both grow up hearing their dad come home each day in the Porsche.  I drive it every day and in it is the greatest.  What a hoot. 

Owner: Susan Sheller

315 Meigs Road, Ste A-165

Santa Barbara, CA 93109

PCA Member #: 1900081772     Region:  Santa Barbara


year:1981  style: Coupe  mileage: 105,000  color: Pewter metallic   acquired: March 2007  chassis#: WP0AA0917BS121452

Leather interior, sunroof, a/c, typical upgrades, lowered.  Used primarily for PCA touring events.

Owner: Kent Alexander

PO Box 787

Roseburg, OR  97470

PCA Member #: 1999084148     Region:  Cascade


year:1982  style: Coupe  mileage: 82,000  color: Black/black  acquired: Aug/1999  chassis#: WP0AA0913CS122261


Took 5 years to finally talk a friend of mine into selling me this car. It had been sitting in a corner of his garage so long I had to have the engine dropped, cases split and all seals replaced. Since then I've fixed the A/C, the heater, the defroster, the sunroof, added a stereo, etc.

Overheated it at Lime Rock on day 1 of my first DE (someone undercoated the trombone) so now it is a 3.2. Also had it lowered it to Euro spec and set up the suspension. Before that it handled a lot like a go cart - now it handles a lot like a race car :o)

Owner:Stephen L. Murray

6124 Hedgewall Drive

Westlake Village, CA 91362

PCA Member #: 2007050012     Region:  Santa Barbara


year:1982  style: Sunroof Coupe  mileage: 53,412  color: Chiffon White/Tobacco  acquired: 2007  chassis#: WP0AA0913CS121319


After several years of searching for an early 911 (65 to 73), a good friend of mine (Kevin Beard, CEO Pitoti) introduced me to the 911SC.

Six months after beginning my search, I discovered a listing here on, on "The Mart". The car listed was located in Boise, Idaho, and I live approximately (50) miles North of LA (California). After several phone calls to the 3rd owner (and his mechanic), I took the plane ride from Burbank to Boise. I purchased the car, and had it shipped back to California. My 1982 911 SC Sunroof Coupe was originally sold in Walla Walla Washington, and spent time in Oregon (2nd owner) and ultimately in Idaho (3rd owner). The car still sports it's Original Paint (the exterior color/code is Chiffon White) and the interior is Full Brown Leather. The car came from the factory equipped with 5 speed manual transmission, Electric Windows, Electric Mirrors, Windshield with Green Graduated Tint, Electric Sliding Sunroof, High Amperage Battery, Air Conditioning, Rear window defogger, Factory Whale tail and Chin Spoiler, 6” & 7” x 16”  Forged Alloy Fuchs Wheels, Cruise Control, Sport Shocks, and White Rectangular Fog Lights. The car has been lowered, and I installed Michelin Pilot Sports and European tail light lenses. I drive my Porsche to PCA Club events, car shows and RGruppe Events, or take the occasional road trip up the California Coast.   
Owner: Floyd C. Bryant, Jr.

3258 Fairhaven

Rock Hill, SC  29732

PCA Member #: 2008060575     Region:  CAR


year:1982  style: Coupe  mileage: 135411  color: Red/Black  acquired: May 08  chassis#:WP0AA0916CS121606


Just bought May '08, car has been sitting a couple of years.  Runs good but needs some attention right now.  Has headers, short-throw, sunroof, a/c.  135411 miles showing on 160 mph speedo.

Owner: Andrew F. Gilmore

1505 Yardley Road

Yardley, PA  19067

PCA Member #: 2003081875     Region:  Schattenbaum


year:1979  style: Coupe  mileage: 110,000+  color: Brown/Camel  acquired: 07/03  chassis#: 9119301310

This car was purchased as part of a set - the other was '75 Carrera that needed to have it's restoration completed - It was my wife's idea to buy them both - I love her dearly. This is my first Porsche - I've wanted one since I was 9 years old - and since I drove my cousins '80SC back in 1981. I'm a lot older now and even though I toy with the idea of selling it - I just can't bring myself to part with it. So I'll probably be buried in it. It's a sunroof Euro coupe and the only major work it required was a restoration of the interior. That was done in 2003 soon after we bought the cars and I drive it everywhere I can as often as I can.
Owner: Mike Kaufman

150 Erika Ln

Gaffney, SC  29340

PCA Member #: 2003058644     Region:  Carolinas


year:1981  style: Coupe  mileage: 175,000  color:   acquired: 2003  chassis#: WP0AA0919BS120500

This is the 2nd Porsche I've owned but the 1st used one.
This model is unbelievable as it starts and idles regardless of the condition. In the process of tearing the engine down, I found 7 head studs broken and 1 cylinder missing all 4!!!! You would not have known it until you wanted power. I will be adding (power parts) in replacement of factory so it may gain additional HP. Anyone with suggestions, while keeping the upgrade parts reasonable and adding up to 100HP, would be extremely welcome.
I will update as I go along.
Owner: Kris Bucy

178 Spindletop Drive

Bowling Green, KY 42104

PCA Member #: 2002079248     Region:  Kentucky


year:1983  style: Coupe  mileage: 141,000  color: white/black  acquired: 06/2002  chassis#: WP0AA0910DS120615

This sunroof coupe has all the recommended updates, it has been lowered to Euro spec and is corner balanced.  It has a WEVO Shifter, MOMO Steering Wheel, RS Door Panels, and SPARCO Seats.  It has 7 X 16 and 9 X 16 Fuchs with Michelin Pilots.   It is mainly used for touring events and weekend drives.
Owner: Matt Cook

1429 N 200 West

Orem, UT  84057

PCA Member #: 2003014513     Region:  Intermountain


year:1983  style: Targa  mileage: 40,000  color: red/black  acquired: 03/2002  chassis#: WP0EA0912DS161412

Nice original SC with only 40K miles. I mostly keep it parked during the winter months, driving it only on an occasional dry day. During the spring and summer I take it out on weekends and once in a while on a nice week day evening. It is stock with the exception of a muffler bypass pipe for better sound and increased horsepower.


Owner: James E. Walker

43 Sloane Road

Newburgh, NY 12550

PCA Member #: 1995080703     Region:  Hudson Valley


year:1978  style: Targa  mileage: 186,000  color: black/cork black  acquired: 1986  chassis#: 9118210927

Car purchased with driver side front collision damage and suspension pan rust. Had been extensively auto-crossed and issues associated with that life style were evident. With the help of friends and many years it has been brought back to a nice daily driver. Fifteen years ago I disassembled and stripped the entire body, removed the engine, transmission. Body damage was repaired from a donor front quarter and new replacement body panels. Found a left front fender at a Hot Rod car show in Rhinebeck, NY. $50!! Spies Hecker base coat clear coat. Koni shocks replaced with Bilstein Sport. Turbo tie rods. Replaced worn syncro's in transmission. Repaired broken head studs with latest divilar. Rebuilt stock chain tensioners (that's right no oil fed units) Reassembled with new gaskets and seals and it runs strong. Most recently I restored a set of stock cookie cutter 6 x 7's and put new BFG's and had the car corner balanced.  


Owner: Tommy Dow

1128 E. Beryl Ave

Phoenix, AZ  85020

PCA Member #: 2008081076     Region:  Arizona


year:1979  style: Coupe  mileage: 130,000  color: Guards Red/Black Tan  acquired: Mar/07  chassis#: 9119201645

This has been the car I dreamed of as a kid. Now I am the 3rd owner of this sweetheart! Her name is FiFi and what a joy she is to drive. Not my daily driver but there are times in the week she needs to get out of the house. I found this car in the Phoenix area from the second owner. He moved here from California and had bought it from a dealership that had taken it in on trade. I will not sell or trade her for anything. She has become part of the family.


Owner: Jim Dowty III

11393 Outer Dr

Pinckney, MI  48169

PCA Member #: 2002012462     Region:  RSP


year:1983  style: Cabriolet  mileage: 110,000  color: Black/black  acquired: 8/2001  chassis#: WP0EA0917DS170672


993 Convetible Top, Wet Okole seat covers, Carrera oil cooler, Carrera sway bars, RUF Speedline wheels, Turbo VC's, Pop-off valve, Factory short shift kit, H1 headlights, Bilstein HD shocks, Autopower rollbar, Momo steering wheel.


Owner: Fred Michel

2 Sycamore Street

Newport, RI  02840

PCA Member #: 1999083986    Region:  Northeast


year:1978  style: Targa  mileage: 163000  color: Silver/Black  acquired: 8/78  chassis#: 9118211284

Great car. Recently reassembled after wreck that broke rear trailing arm and axle with extensive damage to right door and rear quarter. I do all my own work except for painting. I drive it locally and gingerly. I know it has broken head studs that I will have to tackle at some point.


Owner: Ariel Gamboa

10 Cougar Ct

Richmond Hill, ON  L4S1H8

PCA Member #: 2008081034    Region:  Upper Canada


year:1979  style: Coupe  mileage: 96,000  color: White/Tan  acquired: 07/15  chassis#: 9119200102


About the car: My first 911 - and still coming to grips with it. Car has been given a good repaint and is in great condition. The 915 transmission is not quite as smooth as I thought it might be. The clutch is heavy but the sitting position together with the gear lever position is very driver oriented. Car flies - the engine is very strong and loves to rev. The muffler is a Bursch(?) model and sounds great (not obtrusive with the right amount of roar). The engine lid is fiberglass (with molded whaletail) - and looking to replace it with an original metal engine lid. Interior needs work: speedometer is not co-operating and ventilation blower fan seems to be temperamental.

About me: just a regular bloke who finally made his Porsche dream come true.

About Modifications: the muffler/exhaust system was apparently lifted from a later model and the engine lid/whaletail is certainly not original.

About When the 911SC (Helga) is Driven: Sunday mornings. The only time I have to practice.


Owner: Evan Wert

2935 St. Paul St.

Bellingham, WA  98226

PCA Member #: 2008090781    Region:  Pacific Northwest (Western Washington Chapter)


year:1983  style: Coupe  mileage: 82,000  color: Red/Black  acquired: 8/08  chassis#: WP0AA0919DS12150




Car is new to me as the 5th owner. Car is up-graded to look like a Carrera. Whale tail, bumpers and up-graded OEM sport seats. Has very little use and no rust. Chrome Fuchs wheels, with period tires.


Owner: Kyle Murphy

20617 Bonanza Dr. E.

Bonney Lake, WA  98391

PCA Member #: 2008100526    Region:  Pacific Northwest


year:1980  style: Coupe  mileage: 162,000  color: GP White/Black acquired: June/2007  chassis#: 91A0132960




My SC is a R.O.W. model that has no sunroof or A/C.  It was bone stock when I got it and ran great.  A few oil leaks but the car pulled strong.  I've always liked older cars for the ease of doing your own maintenance.  I had a 1972 Opel GT that was in mint condition.  I used to drive it with a friend of mine that had a 1979 Porsche 911SC.  He had recently finished an engine out "freshen up" (Oil leaks, engine cleaning, new exhaust, clutch etc...) when he let me drive his car.  I remember thinking as I floored it around a corner that I had to have one of these!  I sold the Opel within 2 months and found my own Porsche.  Since I've had it, I've added 930 turbo Fuchs, fiberglass IROC front bumper, 22/29 hollow torsion bars, Corbeau seats, MOMO Prototypo steering wheel, front strut brace and had everything lowered and corner balanced.  I usually drive it as often as I can but can't say it's my daily driver.  I recently started autocrossing it and will pull the motor out in November to add European Racing Headers, M&K exhaust and the BITZ Racing EFI system.  I'll also be replacing the clutch and hopefully rebuilding the transmission if not just the syncros.  2nd gear is hard to get into during high RPM's.  The only thing else I can say is:  Why didn't I get a Porsche sooner!


Owner: Tom & Pat Rodberg

4 Laurelglen

Irvine, CA  92614

PCA Member #: 2007040786    Region:  Zone 8


year:1980  style: Coupe  mileage: 46,250  color: Mocha Brown/Cork acquired: May 1980  chassis#: 91A0141925




Purchased new by my father in '80 at Chick Iverson Porsche / Audi in Newport Beach, CA 
He used as a daily driver until selling to me in 1985. From that point the car has been enjoyed as a weekend driver. Currently has 46,250 miles. Car was lowered when new to present ride height and stock 7" rear wheels were polished and moved to the front with 8" rims added to the rear. Upgraded the radio, Momo steering wheel, for better fit around the knees and added an exhaust system. All original (operating) equipment has been retained and boxed should we ever want to return to stock condition. Front end lower spoiler was added shortly after purchase and pop off valve added to the air box. Original paint, original interior and all users manuals, tools etc remain in tact. Recently purchased a 996 Carrera also for weekend use and plan to pass the '80 SC along to my son for it's continued care and use.


Owner: William Phillips

1122 E. Jefferson St.

Phoeniz, AZ  85020

PCA Member #: 1980051832    Region:  Arizona


year:1979  style: Targa  mileage: 165,450  color: GP White/Black acquired: Sept 1985  chassis#: 9119211746




I've owned this car and babied it for 24 yrs. Had 33K when I acquired. Finally, I have my 19 yr old daughter's permission to sacrifice it for an '86 M491 Targa. The SC is really a part of the family. A/C and cruise were worthless and stripped off years ago when I was doing some DE. Stainless steel heat exchangers, pre '78 exhaust (de-smogged), Carrera tensioners and pop off valve......I have never replaced the clutch or done anything other than routine maintenance. Wow, are these cars bulletproof! I still might chicken out, and hang on to it.


Owner: Matthew Newton

PO Box 31057

Las Vegas, NV  89173

PCA Member #: 2005121350    Region:  Las Vegas


year:1979  style: Coupe  mileage: 178332  color: Copper Brown/Chocolate acquired: 6/04  chassis#: 9119200532




Yellowbird front and rear bumpers, 930 decklid, '97 Turbo S wing, HRE C20 18x8 fronts 18x9 rears, custom built exhaust, MSD 6AL ignition, K&N air filter and many more modifications.


Owner: Jim Baker

458 Birch Hill Road

Lawrenceville, PA 16929

PCA Member #: 2007070560    Region:  Keystone


year:1980  style: Coupe  mileage: 121.000  color: Black/Tan  acquired: Nov 2006  chassis#: 91A0141882




I purchased my SC from my brother in New Hampshire for a song.  I am the fifth owner and the car came from Ohio originally.  Modifications include 40 IDA-3C Weber carburetor conversion, K & N Air Filters, SSI heat exchangers, B&B 2 in 2 out SS muffler, turbo tie rod ends, Carrera tensioners, torsion bars 19 mm front & 26 mm rear, 22 mm Weltmeister front sway bar, solid bushings, Bilstein Sport front, Koni adjustable rear, 7" & 8" Fuchs w/225 & 245 Toyo's, lowered, rebuild 915 transmission, new clutch, short shift kit, new starter, rebuilt calipers, SS brake lines, new Zimmermann rotors, Pagid Blue pads, H4's, factory turbo tail, and Momo steering wheel.  AC has been removed.  Driven on nice weekends and often to Watkins Glen for a few laps for only $25.  115 MPH down the back straight and then hard on the brakes to avoid violating the "no passing" rule due to a slow Pontiac. I have driven in one DE so far.  Photo was taken coming up the Esses at The Glen.  I love the classic look of the 911.  My wife has named her "Petra" and sits in the stands during my hot laps.


Owner: Bob Hutchins

PO Box 10806

Knoxville, TN  37939

PCA Member #: 2001076942    Region:  Smoky Mountain


year:1978  style: Coupe  mileage: 65,482  color: Black/Black  acquired: Sept/2001  chassis#: 9118301634




Not sure this is the actual mileage .... I'm fairly sure the car was converted to US standards.


Owner: Holly Forkner III

155 Crestview Drive

Abington, VA  24210

PCA Member #:  2009040494    Region:  Wilderness Trail


year:1983  style: Coupe  mileage: 68,000  color: Black/Red  acquired: 3/06  chassis#: WP0AA0915DS120523



I bought this car from a gentleman who actually owned this car twice.  The beauty of it all is he has professionally worked on these cars since 1972. The story behind this car goes like this.

When the car was young the SC engine was upgraded with a turbo. After a lot of turbo/go fast heartbreak it was decided that a stock Carrera engine would be better.  A very low mileage, I think an 86, with 30,000 miles was installed. The car had 64,000 miles on it when I bought it and just had the 30K maintenance with valve adjustment complete.

The interior leather, including dash, has been totally redone and most of the paint is original except maybe the sun roof has been repainted. A turbo tail was added way back when and is starting to show some age. I believe I will eventually replace it with a Carrera lip.

In summing it all up the car is a joy to drive, the engine tone is clear and crisp and I can't ever see me parting with it.



Owner:Jacques Senneville

7 Poplarwood Ave

Stittsville, ON  K2S1V3

PCA Member #:  2009070691    Region:  Rennsport


year:1983  style: Cabriolet  mileage: 67,000  color: White/Black  acquired: 6/09  chassis#: WP0AA0911DS170070



A 45 year dream come true.  Saw it on a Sunday and made a successful conditional offer the next day.  The PPI did not generate any cost and the compression test was 160-170 psi over the cylinders.  She was sleeping in my garage within a week.  The engine was upgraded to a 1986 3.2L engine at some point.  I drive it every day (45 years of catching up).

I am the 5th and last owner.  She is a beauty.  I participated in my first organized car show (2 weeks after I got it) and took 3rd place in the import division.



Owner:John B. Ellis

295 Seminole Dr

Boulder, CO  80303

PCA Member #:  2009120182    Region:  Rocky Mountain


year:1983  style: Coupe  mileage: 85562  color: Indian Red/Grey Beige  acquired: 11/09  chassis#: WP0AA0918DS122225



911SC coupe manufactured in May of '83. Original Indischrot paint (027 82 G1). Original Grey Beige full-leather interior (VX). Option package R64, which includes the following combination of options:
>>  018 Sport steering wheel w/ elevated hub
>>  158 Blaupunkt Monterey
>>  533 Alarm system
>>  567 Windshield green graduated tint
>>  650 Sunroof

The original 930/16 engine in this late '83 SC was built with a strengthened crankcase that deleted the sump plate and oil screen found on earlier 911 engines. These updated crankcases were first used in April of '83 and subsequently transferred to Carrera 3.2 production. This engine also utilizes Carrera-style chain tensioners and received an airbox pop-off valve. Original 915/63 manual transmission with new synchros.


Owner: Walter Strahota

13503 W. Prospect Place

New Berlin, WI  53151

PCA Member #:  2008070511    Region:  Milwaukee


year:1983  style: Coupe  mileage: 58400  color: Black/black  acquired: 04/09  chassis#: WP0AA0916DS122384



I purchased the SC in April 2009 as my second Porsche. I wanted the air cooled experience after owning the Boxster S for about a year. I should have started with the SC.

I drive it on dry but cooler days when I don't want to be in a convertible. It's fun to drive and I usually leave the radio off. The car has front and rear spoilers, Monterey radio, locking differential, leather sport seats, and heated and tinted windshield. It's all original except tires, clutch, Carrera tensioners, and airbox pop off valve. I am planning to add a stainless dual exhaust this winter.



Owner: Cole Gill

14679 89th Ave

Surrey, BC  V3R8A9

PCA Member #:   2009021010                                  Region:  Canada West


year:1983  style: Coupe  mileage: 106,000  color: GP White/Burgundy  acquired: 01/08  chassis#: WP0AA0917DS121955



I have wanted to own a 911 for almost 15 years.  This is my first Porsche and took about a year of searching for an 'SC. In early 2008 I found this nice and clean beauty in mostly original condition.  It was brought to Canada from the US by a former High School Principal in Victoria BC.  He was an experienced owner, a long time PCA member and this was his 3rd Porsche (previously owned 356, and 911s).  He was an English chap and seemed to really know these cars well.  Burgundy leather interior, with re-done carpets and sun visors.  Lowered to Euro specs.  Rebuilt Transmission at 87K. 

Aside from the infamous Perma-Tune unit failure, in the two years that I have owned it, needed only some routine maintenance.  Doesn't have Carrera tensioner update but it has all the other usual ones (Pop off valve, Turbo Tie rods, Turbo lower valve covers).

Most of the mileage I'm using is for weekend cruising and errands, on nice sunny days.  So far about 3K miles per year.   She is not a garage queen, nor a daily driver but somewhere in between.  It has BC Collector car plates so insurance is CHEAP!  So far, I love this car and the comments it gets every time I drive it!

Owner: Anthony Bonafede


Fresno, CA 

PCA Member #:   2001099235                                  Region:  Sequoia


year:1983  style: Coupe  mileage: 148,200  color: HellBronze Metallic/Tan  acquired: 08/2001  chassis#: WP0AA091XDS121366



Sound, smell, feel ... nothing more to say.
Owner: Brant Taylor


Chicago, IL  60606

PCA Member #:   2010030611                                 Region:  Chicago


year:1982  style: Targa  mileage: 57,500  color: Red/Black  acquired: Feb/2010  chassis#: WP0EA0915CS161080


This is my first 911, and a dream come true.  It was barely driven for 10 years by one previous owner, and the man I bought it from spent 2007-09 getting the engine back into great daily-drive shape.  He replaced a damaged front valance and chose to leave the fog lights off.  All of the usual 911SC issues have now been addressed, and the car runs fantastically.  It has spent most of its life in California until now.  The dash and gauges are pristine and the interior is entirely original except the radio.  This car will be a fair-weather pleasure driver for me, and I am excited about having many years of fun driving it and keeping it looking as great as it does now. 
Owner: Tim Murphy

160 Paradise Marsh Circle

Brunswick, GA  31525

PCA Member #:   200119389                                 Region:  Florida Crown


year:1979  style: Coupe  mileage: 122,445  color: Oak Green/Cork  acquired: Oct 2000  chassis#: 9119201495



This is my 2nd SC.  My 1st was a basket case looks wise.  This SC had just been painted (original color) with new rubber, new interior, and a turbo tail added.  Mechanically it was rough.  After months of rebuilding all systems and with the help of Brumos it is now my daily driver.
Owner: Mike Oosterveld

RR #2 Cooks Mill Road

Guelph, ON  n1h6h9

PCA Member #:   2010040929                                 Region:  Upper Canada

email:  year:1979  style: SRF Coupe  mileage: 74932  color: Silver/Red

 acquired: March 2010  chassis#: 91192901995



My first Porsche.
Purchased from original owner 3/10. Absolutely 100% original right down to Porsche cassette player. Options include 6x16" & Fuchs, Sport Seats, Sport Package B67 with Bilsteins.
Z2 Silver Metallic paint with 95 Light Red Leather interior.
Serviced it's whole life by original technician from Porsche Indianapolis (Now of (Bob) Farmer Automotive). Full history including original window sticker.
Driven on weekend mornings only.
Owner: James Gould

5622 Tahoe Lane

Fairway, KS  66205

PCA Member #: 1977064321                                   Region:  Kansas City

email:       year:1983  style: Cabriolet  mileage: 28,000  color: Guards Red/Black

 acquired: July 2007  chassis#: WP0EA0914DS171634



My car was delivered in St Louis, MO on 9/27/1983.  I am the second owner of an

exceptional original condition 911SC. Optional equipment :genuine leather interior ,

Monterey digital cassette radio, special forged alloy wheels, sport seats, automatic

speed control & fog lights. The car has never been in the rain or snow. I am always

interested in preservation comparison cars in the Kansas City Area.

Owner: Richard Lindsay

228 Deerchase Dr.

Woodstock, GA  30188

PCA Member #:   2002079211                                Region:  Peach State

email:  year:1983  style: SRF Coupe  mileage:128,000  color: Heil Bronze/Brn leather

 acquired: Dec 2007  chassis#: WP0AA0915DS122201



Since 02 car is all original 7and 8 inch Fuchs don’t drive daily, too nice  Try and not drive car in the hot months unless to a race  All upgrades have been done Orig paint/int Very nice example of a all original SC taken care of, no cracks or rips in dash or seats  See you at the Petite Lemans.
Owner: Joe Bekavac


Sherwood Park, AB T8H 5Z9

PCA Member #:   2010091333                                Region:  Polar

email: year:1980  style: Coupe  mileage:160,000  color: Charcoal/Doric gray

 acquired: Feb 2010  chassis#: 91A0144012



1980 Weissach.  Modifications include pop off valve, Momo steering wheel, and timing chain tensioner upgrade. Running on 17" twisties which handle and look great.  Weekend driver that is mechanically solid and always fun to drive.
Owner: Tom Westfall

3838 Golden Meadow Ct

Amelia, OH  45102

PCA Member #:   2009120106                                Region:  Ohio Valley

email: year:1983  style: Coupe  mileage:53400  color: Guards Red/Black

 acquired: Sept 2010  chassis#: WPOZZZ91ZDS121395



My second Porsche in less than a year... The bug has bitten hard. Near as I can tell I am the fourth owner, the previous owner installed a tower brace kit, drilled and slotted rotors, pop off valve, upgraded chain tensioners, uprated clutch, I have installed a short shift kit, guessing he was going to DE the car at some point; it’s going to be my weekend touring/road rally car.
Owner: John Bulmer

Box 511

Medicine Hat, AB  T1A 7G5

PCA Member #:   2010120187                                Region:  Wild Rose

email: year:1980  style: Coupe  mileage:110,000  color: Cashmere Beige/Chocolate

 acquired: Sept 2010  chassis#: 91A0141420



1980 911SC originally from AZ. Car imported to Alberta circa 1991. Am the third owner in Alberta.

Mostly stock with the exception of H4 lights and lowered to Euro ride height.

Not in concours condition, but in very good driving condition.

Owner: Jon Mochizuki


San Marino, CA  91108

PCA Member #:   1995037321                                Region:  San Gabriel Valley

email: year:1981  style: Coupe  mileage:95,000  color: Guards Red/Black

 acquired: Sept 1985  chassis#: WP0AA091BS121404



I am the second owner of this 1981 911SC that I purchased in 1985. It has about 95,000 miles, of which I put on about 30,000 miles, and everything is original including the Guards Red paint. My only modification was upgrading the lights and adding the Carrera chain tensioners. It's pretty much a Garage Queen for the last 20- years. I drive it infrequently, maybe putting on a few hundred miles per year. I still have the original sticker which shows it with Genuine Leather, Option Group J16, 88- amp battery, Headlight Washers, Black Roofliner and Sunroof.

I am a structural engineer and this is my third Porsche.  I had a 1973 914 1.7, then a 1976 912E before finally getting my 911SC.


Owner: Roy Ovenell

1121 195th PL SW

Lynwood, WA  98036

PCA Member #:   2002045379                                Region:  PAC NW

email: year:1982  style: Coupe  mileage:147,748  color: Guards Red

 acquired: March 2002  chassis#: WP0AA0917CS122442



This original condition, Guards Red 911SC was probably ordered by the original owner with many extra options since it has an upgraded oil cooler in the front right fender, full black leather interior and front & rear spoilers.  The car came with the Carrera script in back instead of "911sc" so it's probably trying to pose as a 3.2 Carrera!  It was originally from Texas, then Louisiana and now gets driven frequently in the Pacific Northwest.

Owner: Jeff Boehm

525 Belmoral La NW

Rochester, MN  55901

PCA Member #:   2000118983                                Region:  Nord Stern

email: year:1983  style: Coupe  mileage:128,000  color: Ruby Red/Sand Beige

 acquired: June 2011  chassis#: WP0AA0914DS121833



My wife BJ and I bought the SC as a garage mate for our modified 1976 911 S Targa but after a short while realized that we weren't driving the '76 and sold it. The SC is mostly stock with the exception of some stereo upgrades, a strut tower brace and a Sanden compressor and R134a conversion. We drive it a bout 2500 miles per year on sunny MN days for pleasure and Club drives. We also organize the Rochester Labor Day Porsche Picnic which started in 2004.  Email us for information on this fun event.

Owner: Tony Gonzalez

PO Box 45-0234

Miami, FL  33245

PCA Member #:   2011010612                                Region:  Gold Coast

email: year:1979  style: Coupe  mileage:  61,000  color: Talbolt Yellow/Dark Brown

 acquired: January 2010  chassis#: 9119201507



My 1979 911SC 3.0 liter back from the grave, that’s right car had been sitting for 15 years at previous owner's back yard, needless to say he should have been lashed at least once every year, but let's let that slide.  Bought it from the owner about a year ago, rebuilt the engine, trans, brakes, has 61,000 miles with 2500 on the rebuilt original engine & trans.  Love it -- runs great everything regarding the engine is stock except no smog pump, no catalytic converter, just an overall great car, just could not see it go to the grave.  I have a turbo wing -- next thing will be to replace all window rubber seals, new windshield , install new dash pad, and new paint to the original Talbolt yellow.

Owner: Dennis  Bellamy


Fall Branch, TN  37656

PCA Member #:   20100070204                                Region:  Carolinas

email:    year:1983  style: Coupe  mileage:  101,728  color: Zinc Metallic/Burgundy Black

 acquired: August 2010  chassis#: WP0ZZZ91ZDS101728



Car is very good shape inside and out, mechanically sound and drives great. Modifications are tinted windows and 16" C2 wheels allowing for 245's in rear . Have Fuch's wheels but really like the C2.  Original paint is very good shape for 28 year car and shows well. antique plates and only use is local shows and Sunday drives.  I have owned Porsches since 1980 and stick with that vintage.

Owner: Dieter Stenger

352 Kevin CT

Auburn, CA  95603

PCA Member #:   2011101058                               Region:  Sacramento Valley

email:  year:1980  style: Coupe  mileage:  101,728  color: Black

 acquired: November 2011  chassis#: 91A0143031



This is my first Porsche, after mostly BMW's and Opels. Just traded my 71 Opel GT show car for this excellent 1980 SC. Still have a 73 BMW 2002tii that I use as a daily driver.
I was born in Germany, moved to CA in 2002, and own a small CPA firm in the Sierra Nevada Foothills.
We have the perfect canyon roads for cars like that, no traffic, nice weather (9 months out of the year), on any elevation between sea level (Sacramento) and 7,300 feet (Donner Pass), only one hour apart.
This SC is all original, including paint and interior, everything works. I was looking for the right car for several months (even in California good ones are getting harder to find), found this one in Tucson, AZ, flew down and drove it back, 940 miles in one day, without any issues. I am totally hooked, probably keep this one for a while ...

Owner: William Kruder

3600 Spring Mountain Drive

Plano, TX 75025

PCA Member #:   1996056182                              Region:  Maverick

email: year:1982  style: Coupe  mileage:  145,000  color: Platinum Metallic/Beige

 acquired: March 1996  chassis#: WP0AA913CS121434



Third owner, most records, car is all stock with exception of newer Blaupunkt stereo and speakers; Beige leather interior, many options including Whaletail; PCA member since 1996

Owner: Robert L. Faass

PO Box 493

New Hartford, NY  13413

PCA Member #:  2008020864                               Region:  Central New York

email:  year:1979  style: Coupe  mileage:  117,800  color: white/black

 acquired:   September 2007                    chassis#: 9119201305



This is a very good to excellent sunroof delete coupe in Grand Prix white with black leather interior, Fuchs, A/C, front air dam, original keys, owners manual, service manual and tool kit. It has the pop off valve, carrera tensioners, and turbo exhaust valve covers, Bilsteins, SO2 tires, and euro ride height. It was originally delivered in May 1979 from Porsche Audi Manhattan, West 47th Street, New York, where the 1000 mile maintenance was also stamped off. After that not much of its history is known until 2002, when records are available from the Boston area. Along the way it acquired RS America seats and four piston calipers up front. Fortunately, the original black leather seats and front brakes are on hand. The engine, transmission, handling, and other mechanicals seem strong and unmodified. The exterior repaint is excellent, as well as the original interior. I drive it 1000 miles a year only in good weather. The SC shares garage space with my only other current Porsche, an all black 968 six speed coupe.  

Owner: Tom Schomberg

793 E Chis Rs.

Palm Spring, CA  92262

PCA Member #:   1984052553                            Region:  Riverside

email:  year:1983  style: Coupe  mileage:  80,000  color: pewter/black

 acquired:   October 1996                    chassis#: WPOAAO0918DS121530



After having several Porsches, which included a 78 SC, I decided to buy a BMW... wrong.  I sold that car and told myself that if I ever found an 83 SC, original owner, low mileage, pewter/black, Porsche I would buy it.  About four months later I saw an old newspaper (back then) in the trash!  I couldn't believe it but there it was... after months and it was still for sale.  That was too much karma so I bought it... and it has been the best Porsche I've owned.  It had 30,000 miles in 1996. and now has 80,000,... and I have only changed the obvious things.  By the way, I am also looking for another SC to add to my 83.  I am looking for an SC sunroof delete.  Let me know if you see one.  Tom

Owner: Jim MacKeracher

291 Maple Street

Collingwood, Ont, CA L9Y 2R3

PCA Member #: 1983068187                                Region:  Upper Canada

email:  year:1983  style: Coupe  mileage:  85,750  color: green/tan

 acquired:   Aug 2010                    chassis#: WP0AA0916DS121901



I'm the 4th owner from new. The car is stock, original paint and interior. Only mods are Carrera chain tensioners and turbo tie rods. I do the maintenance on the SC, as well as my summer car, a 1969 911T Targa, (soft window). The SC is my daily driver in the winter, (handles the snow well with a good set of snow tires on), and during inclement weather in the spring, summer and fall. The '69 leaks in a heavy rain...

Owner: William Harsh

1801 Brookwood

Fort Collins, CO  80525

PCA Member #: 2005111349                               Region:  Rocky Mountain

email:    year:1982  style: Coupe  mileage:  52,265  color: G. Red/Tan

 acquired:   May, 2012                    chassis#: WP0AA0919CS121728



My getting this car is quite a story -- been looking at it for 4 years. one owner, an amazing guy. google brig. general Kenneth Bell and see his obit and other items about him. Car looks and drives like new and has untouched original tool kit, new set of factory carpet pieces, every single paper and record that's associated with the car. The interior looks like its never been sat in. It is an absolutely great example of the SC. Although the tensioners were checked not long ago and the chains are quiet I'm having Carrera tensioners put in this week as well as a pop off valve. Car will remain as original as possible.  My 6th and most exciting Porsche!

Owner: Jim Sheehan

39 Kenmore Road

Bloomfield, CT  06002

PCA Member #: 1998093698                             Region:  Connecticut Valley

email:      year: 1979  style: Targa  mileage:  88,788  color: Black/Black

 acquired:   May, 2012                    chassis#: 9119211417



I am the 5th owner (As best I can tell).  Car was sold in VA, spent a lot of time in VT, last owner in CT where I found it.  Very solid mechanically, runs strong, but cosmetically challenged.  Mods: It has a short shift kit, Momo wheel and a very annoying alarm system.  I also have a 968 cab, recently sold a 67 912, have been a PCA member since 1998. I was  PCA member in the early 70's owning a 356B but lapsed.

Owner: Don Gamble

6048Lancashire Trail

Liberty Township, OH 45044

PCA Member #: 2010061587                             Region:  Ohio Valley

email:  year: 1983  style: Targa  mileage:  53188  color: Chiffon

 acquired:   October 2012                    chassis#: WP0EA0914DS160228



This 83 SC is my third Porsche following a 1988 Boxster and a 2006 911 C4 cab.  The car is basically stock and in excellent condition.  After market exhaust, stereo and pop-off valve are the only modifications I am aware of.  I plan to drive the car on weekends and attend PCA club events around the Midwest.

Owner: Steven Schwartz

3996 Cardinal Rd

Akron, OH  44333

PCA Member #: 2012071124                            Region:  Northern Ohio

email:   year: 1979  style: Targa  mileage: 211,425+   color: White/Black

 acquired:   June 2012                   chassis#: 9119310307



ROW model initially sold in Wiesbaden in 9-78, and imported to Southern California in 10-84 with 104,000 km. Whale tail and Rial wheels on car in Germany. One owner in California until purchased by me in 6/12 with 210,000+ miles on inoperative odometer (has since been repaired). Leather interior, manual windows, and no a/c. Love looking at, thinkin' about, and sitting in car. Most of all, love driving it.

Owner: Arthur Cunningham

1320 Mill Road

Delafield, WI  53018

PCA Member #: 1989037682                           Region:  Milwaukee

email:   year: 1980  style: Coupe  mileage: 79450  color:  Petrol Blue

 acquired:   June 2012                   chassis#: 91A0141895



I gave our 40 yr. old son my 73 911T (purchased in Calif. in 1987--rebuilt its engine/trans. and refurbished about everything including suspension-there are some stories in 911T Registry over the years) in May 2012.  Then ran into a Milwaukee PCA Club classified and this good running and nice 80 SC with RARE Petrol Blue color and finding it much more refined (than the 73), I couldn't resist buying into the needed refurbishing/rebuilding project now accomplished in my garage at my hands: blown air box, engine rebuild/head studs, quirky transmission, smiley, seat covers (leather from Leather Seats in OKC), front a/c fan motor, odometer, shock absorbers, front oil cooler hoses, dings, Momo steering wheel,  original headlights  on, etc.  Driven daily when there is no salt on the streets (my wife tells me I get depressed during that time each year). 

Owner: Stephen & Jean Kashiwada

6719 Trudy Way

Sacramento, CA  95831

PCA Member #: 1987078359                            Region:  Sacramento Valley

email:   year: 1979  style: Targa  mileage: 122,600   color: Minerva Blue/Blue Leather

 acquired:   September 2000                  chassis#: 9119210841

This is our second Porsche, the first being a 1987 924S which was purchased new.  We are the second owners of this rare blue on blue Targa.  The original owner lived in Tacoma, Washington and used this car as his daily driver until being diagnosed with Parkinsons Disease.  I first saw this car in a carport where it was covered with pine needles and cobwebs, had a dead battery, flat tires, and mud packed in the wheel wells.  After installing a new battery and tires, my wife and I drove it home some 500 miles in one day.  I woke up early the next morning to give it a thorough washing, polishing and waxing and was amazed at how well the paint came back to life and sparkled to a mirror finish.  Within a couple of months, I completed a few cosmetic improvements (repainted Targa bar, touched up pitted paint, and polished/painted the Fuchs wheels).  I drive this car at every opportunity to show off its classic and iconic 50+ year profile and rev up the bullet proof air-cooled flat six to savor its unique mechanical whine and power.

Owner: Jose G Lopez Vela

Cond Teide 502

San Juan, PR  00918

PCA Member #: 2013030352                           Region:  Puerto Rico

email:   year: 1982  style: Coupe  mileage: 83,200   color: Light Blue/Dark Blue

 acquired:   April 2002                 chassis#: WP0AA0917CS121792

I purchased this car in Florida (third owner) in 2002 and I shipped it to San Juan, Puerto Rico.  This car is basically original with a few recommended upgrades.  Just recently serviced and the mechanic had nothing but praises to say about this car.  The engine is strong and responsive.  Plenty of 911s on the island, a few 911SCs and tons of 996s & 997s.  I like the low maintenance costs of the 911SC.  I wish the roads here were in better condition.
Owner: Richard A. Lantz

849 Washington Drive

Chesapeake, VA 23322

PCA Member #:  2010070442                          Region:  First Settlers

email: year: 1981  style: Snrf Coupe  mileage: 145,048   color: Guards Red/Black

 acquired:   June 2012                 chassis#: WP0AA0918BS121069

This is my eighth Porsche starting with a 1964 C.  Basically stock with SSI exhaust and J7x16 and J9x16 alloys and Euro whale tail.  I have had many garage queens in the past.  After reading the May 2012 Panorama article about Ferdinand Porsche where he stated about the 911, "It was not too big, it was not too small and it is a car for driving and not for show."  I immediately removed the cover and pulled mine out of the garage and now it's my daily driver's exhilarating!
Owner: Earl Corrothers

4202 Arbor Court

Independence, KY  41051

PCA Member #:  2011080011                          Region:  Ohio Valley

email:    year: 1983  style: Coupe  mileage: 96,600   color: Black/Black

 acquired:   March 2012                 chassis#: WP0AA0911DS121756

I'm the third owner of this original SC sunroof coupe.  It's my daily driver (at least 10000 miles per year) and I purchased the car from a dealer in Indiana.  It has the typical updates/upgrades - Carrera chain tensioners, pop off valve, Wevo shift coupler, 2 piece oil return tubes, etc... It is a well documented car and I look forward to many many many years and miles of pure driving fun.
Owner: Blake Small

2017 Golf Court

Denton, TX  76205

PCA Member #: 2013100281                           Region:  Lone Star

email: year: 1980  style: Coupe  mileage: 110,000   color: Black/Black

 acquired:   August, 2013                 chassis#: 91A0142181

Porsche 911sc.  My first Porsche.  It has been fantastic owning this car.  Me and my father maintain the car along with my 2 boys, so its really a family bonding tradition.  I plan on adding to my collection with another 911 or two, replicating some of my favorite historic racers in RS or ST form.  I live in Denton, TX married with 2 Boys and 1 Girl.  I'm involved with investment real estate.  I drive the car as much as possible although this Texas heat sometimes becomes a bit grueling.  Look forward to meeting as many Porsche guys and gals along the way as possible.  Feel free to contact me anytime to setup a drive or event.
Owner: Gene Copeland

PO Box 1338

Ruidoso, NM  88355

PCA Member #: 1985075423                           Region:  Carrera

email: year: 1982  style: Snrf/Coupe  mileage: 112894   color: White/Black

 acquired:   November, 2013                 chassis#: WP0AA0910CS121861

The 1982 is a very nice Porsche inside and out. I am the third and fifth owner and only drive it
to PCA events and a Sunday drive ever so often. I joined the PCA in 1973 when I bought my Porsche and have been in off and on ever since. I have owned 38 Porsche's and enjoyed all of them. Thank You, Gene
Owner: John Schnabel



PCA Member #:                            Region:  Connecticut Valley

email: year:   style: Coupe  mileage:    color: White

 acquired:                    chassis#:

Almost stock car.  Original white exterior paint and lipstick red leather interior; only modifications are a vintage Momo steering wheel, wood shift knob, built in vintage escort, Nakamichi stereo and aftermarket exhaust. All the upgrades and important things done- Cam chain tensioners, pop off valve, synchros rebuilt, air conditioner upgrade that actually still works. Lots of maintenance and ownership records from prior local owners- Darryl Helm  (Wallingford CT), Spencer Cox of SpeedSport Tuning (Westport then, now Danbury); Bob Pattison (Hamden CT), Cory Parker (Stamford CT); Robbie Gentil. Car originally purchased at Classic Porsche in Eastchester NY.  I just use the car for occasional sedate street use since my exciting Porsche is a 1974 highly modified track car. Would like to hear from prior owners if they see this posting.

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