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About the 911SC Ö

Much has been written about Porsches, 911s and most recently 911SCs, so it won't be duplicated here.  Let's give a subjective view of owning and driving this model car here, and let you follow the links and references given to get the cold, hard facts.

SCís are still raw, relatively uncompromised sports cars.  When you are driving a 911SC, there is never any confusion as to the type of car you are in.  The sound of the motor, feel of the road, visibility through the front glass, and relatively heavy touch it takes at the controls to accelerate, shift, turn and stop the car are unmistakably those of an earlier 911.  (Perhaps not quite as raw as the pre 1978 911ís, but the debate on this point goes on and on).  Many SC owners have modified their carís suspension to give an even more direct (read almost harsh) feel of the road.  Riding in most other softer-sprung sports cars (including other 911ís) isnít quite as much fun.  It very definitely is like driving a race car out on the street.  And driving it on the track IS driving a race car!

Another great part of SC ownership is the availability of parts.  You can get new and used parts for this car from many sources.  If you want to shop around and compare prices, they are generally affordable.  AND you can do most of the mechanical work yourself.  Much information is available on how to do just about any repair, and on-line information is available through the forums on Rennlist, Vertex Auto and Pelican Parts.  Most 911 enthusiasts are more than happy to share their knowledge of how to repair and care for these cars.  Some will even drop by to help you do it!

So all in all, if you want a hands-on Super Carrera experience in a sports car, the 911SC fits the bill perfectly Ö but you knew that already, didnít you!

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